Introducing ~ Curly Braces

This blog is about life as a solo designer/developer.

I am not the greatest technical innovator in web development (understatement), I learn from the great work of others who so generously share their knowledge for the  enhancement of the web.

Often this involves working out how to combine several different things created by others. I will blog about this when I found something hard to make sense of (whether due to over-complicated explanations, or my own ineptitude), and I think I can explain it in a simpler way, or where I stumble across a way to do things which I couldn‘t find tutorials for elsewhere.

I will assume anyone reading this has a reasonable understanding of web development; html, css – the idea is to add to the help already out there in an understandable way, not simply repeat what’s already explained perfectly well elsewhere.

Solo developers don’t have the benefit of shouting round the studio for a solution to a problem. Hopefully this blog will help others like myself who work alone.

So I hope you’ll enjoy it, upcoming posts will focus on the development of this site as there were a few interesting challenges along the way, and getting it down while its fresh in my mind will help me if no-one else!

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