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Getting the slider lightbox to show mobile screenshots to a mobile; and desktop screenshots to a larger viewport

As this site is all about showcasing examples of my responsive website designs, I wanted users on a mobile device to see screenshots of (you guessed it) mobile sites, and desktop users to see screenshots of desktop sites. The previous post handles doing that for the thumbnails, but I wanted the same for the lightbox of […]

Slick slider and responsive content

The brief: A slider that looks great on all devices: more thumbnails per slide on a larger screen. The solution: When I was designing this site (as with any site these days), responsive web design (with it’s roots in Ethan Marcotte’s classic article) was firmly in my mind. I’m keen on sending the same content to all […]

Introducing ~ Curly Braces

This blog is about life as a solo designer/developer. I am not the greatest technical innovator in web development (understatement), I learn from the great work of others who so generously share their knowledge for the  enhancement of the web. Often this involves working out how to combine several different things created by others. I […]